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Due to the increase in Covid numbers, we are worshipping virtually at the present time.  Come join us at 10:00 each Sunday morning Facebook as we continue our journey through the Book of Acts. Even though we are enduring a difficult time, we invite you to be a part of what God is doing here at HUMC.  Choir and Sunday School are temporarily suspended.


Prayer list

Please pray for the following individuals and families.
Prayer requests: 1-17-21

Charles Butler – cancer treatment
Al Akridge – cancer treatment
Helen Milby – multiple myeloma
Ranelle Rigney – breast cancer
Tate Miller – Diane’s nephew – leukemia
Tenley Ward – cancer & viral encephalitis
Lana Landon – child with cancer
Larry Taylor – Joyce’s brother – cancer & abscess
Ardis Barth’s SIL, Helen – cancer
Mike Williams (friend of Mitch) – cancer
Laura’s daughter, Whitney – breast cancer trmt.
Carol Bruce – lung cancer & pneumonia
Carol Thomas – Treatment begins soon
Joyce W.’s cousin – Janet – liver cancer
Lynn D’Angelo

Other health issues:
Lisa Hiner’s mom, (Donna), Nancy Raine, Tracy Weaver, Joyce Walsh, Katrina
Jeff Gaddie– Congestive heart failure
Tom Myers (Alan’s friend) – blood pockets, may need transplant
Ken Dold (Bruce’s BIL) – rehab
Autumn Prewitt – child with multiple health issues
John Gray – back pain
D. Hawkins family
Jacquie –health issues
Vonda Gray –ankle surgery
Melissa Pearman – MS
Harrison Gehr – health issues
Kim Gehr’s mom, Lynda Barnes
Sam Miles, head injury from motorcycle accident
Bruce’s cousin – Larry – rehabilitation
Lisa Hiner – continued testing
Mark Greenleaf – shoulder surgery & recovery
Marlene – struggles
Emily Detre – torn ligaments
Jody’s friend who needs a liver transplant
Marie Thompson – broken ankle – Sunrise Manor
Joe Enlow – multiple health issues
Kathy’s mom – eye surgery Jan. 13
Nancy Osborn – irregular heartbeat; home
Opal Nolen – heart and lung problems/oxygen
Stuart Fynboe – friend of Don L. – stroke/pneumonia complications from Covid
Levi & Lainey Chisholm (two year old twins recovering from accident
Al’s mom – heart attack


Gray/Mark family
Jackson family
Grubbs family
Beard family (Joann Pearman’s father)

• Church leadership, staff, Listening Team, church ministries
• United Methodist churches facing change and choices
• Those who are homeless and/or hungry
• COVID-19 situation including vulnerable church members and medical caregivers
• Continued care and support for each other
• Local, state, and national leadership
• Those who are laid off/forced to be closed & those looking for work or advancement
• People living alone
• Edd and Charlotte
• Nursing home residents with limited visitation
• Those whose calling is law enforcement & public safety & those feeling great injustice at the hands of law enforcement
• All those who have been and are working to bring us worship services during the pandemic
• All who need to invite Christ to live in their heart
• School and childcare reopening safely
• Professional musicians who can’t work during Covid
• Youth ministry during this challenging time
• Jubal Academy (Jacquie & Kinley’s school) – difficult during pandemic
• Increasing COVID numbers
• Alan’s mother, back in her home with assistance
• Deanna & Justin Gaddie – baby in May 2021
• Political healing
• Bruce’s daughter-in-law Nancy and her fellow Health Department workers, and Jay Fulton, a friend of hers who is a chaplain at UK hospital.
• Gray family
• Bruce’s granddaughter, Megan & parents Scott & Nancy
• Prayers for the nation & smooth transition of power
• College students
• Terry Tillotson – travel mercies – high winds in Wyoming

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