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Welcome Home to Hodgenville UMC. This summer we are doing things a bit differently. Our Sundays begin with Sunday School at 9:00 am, and worship begins at 10:00. We will go back to a more traditional schedule in September. Come join us for learning and worship.

Prayer list

Please pray for the following individuals, families & situations
Prayer requests: 7-21-21

Charles Butler – cancer treatment
Al Akridge – cancer treatment
Helen Milby – multiple myeloma
Ranelle Rigney – breast cancer
Tate Miller – Diane’s nephew – leukemia
Tenley Ward – cancer
Adley Ward – leukemia
Lana Landon – child with cancer
Larry Taylor – Joyce’s brother – cancer & abscess
Ardis Barth’s SIL, Helen – cancer
Laura’s daughter, Whitney – breast cancer trmt.
Joyce W.’s cousin – Janet – liver cancer
Bruce’s friend Allison – cancer & pancreatitus
Jaime Keith – breast cancer
Jordan Zoeller – recovery from surgery
Bruce’s friend, Lynn – probable cancer diagnosis

Other health issues:
Lisa Hiner; Lisa’s mom, Donna; Nancy Raine; Opal Nolen; Marie Thompson, Bobby Claycomb - continuing health issues
Ken Dold (Bruce’s BIL) – home from rehab
Autumn Prewitt – child with multiple health issues
John Gray – back pain
D. Hawkins family
Jacquie –health issues
Melissa Pearman – MS
Kim Gehr’s mom, Lynda Barnes
Jody’s friend who needs a liver transplant
Joe Enlow – multiple health issues
Stuart Fynboe – friend of Don L. – improving from complications from Covid
Sharon Bertram – severe vertigo, testing
Sara Phelps – Insurance approved new med.
Carol Thomas – continuing treatment
Bruce’s sister’s friend – Mary – hospital
Shirley Kahle – pneumonia
Teagon Eastridge - Shiga Toxin e coli
Ron Henke, friend of the Kern’s–rehab, dialysis
Jessica’s friend, Machelle – heart attack
Marie – Sunrise Manor
Hiners’ friend – Danny – heart issues, improving
Steve Cook – heart attack, improving
Larry ‘Skip’ Eller – health issues
Al’s great niece & family – Covid
Jenner’s uncle, Jerome Wibbleler – Covid
Al Dobbs – COPD
Diane Lawless –knee replacement
Janice Bertram – broken shoulder/surgery
Tiffany Skaggs – tests/surgery

Hamilton family
Cruse family
Bell family

• Church leadership, staff, Listening Team, church ministries
• United Methodist churches facing change and choices
• Those who are homeless and/or hungry
• Continued care and support for each other
• Local, state, and national leadership
• Edd and Charlotte
• All who need to invite Christ to live in their heart
Political healing
• Bruce’s daughter-in-law Nancy and her fellow Health Department workers, and Jay Fulton, a friend of hers who is a chaplain at UK hospital.
• Bruce’s granddaughter, Megan & parents Scott & Nancy – best treatments & for calm and peace
• College students
• Bruce’s sister’s coworker, Amy
• Broken lives to be open to salvation
• United Methodist Children’s Homes/Ministries
• White/Dixon marriage
• Hawkins/Smith marriage
• McDowell’s fire
• Vonda Gray – job search
• Jonathan and Sara Sturdivant

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