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Welcome Home to Hodgenville United Methodist Church. We are back to our traditional times for Worship at 11:00 am and Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 am,  We continue to stream our worship on Facebook if you are not able to be with us on site.  Of course, if you are feeling sick in any way, please stay home and take care of yourself. Let us know so that we can be praying for you.

EXCITING NEWS! We are having an old fashioned family reunion on June 12.  Worship will be under a big tent, followed by a delicious meal, cake auction, gospel singing, cornhole, homemade ice cream and lots of activities for children.  Please join us for the HUMC FAMILY REUNION!

NEW!  Now you can listen to our worship service by phone when you can't be there in person.  Phone (270)506-0795 to hear the service. (Service will be available after 12:30 pm each Sunday.)

Prayer list

Please pray for the following individuals and families.
Prayer requests: 5-18-22

Helen Milby – multiple myeloma
Ranelle Rigney – breast cancer
Tate Miller – Diane’s nephew – leukemia
Tenley Ward – cancer
Adley Ward – leukemia
Lana Landon – child with cancer
Ardis Barth’s SIL, Helen – cancer
Laura’s daughter, Whitney – breast cancer trmt.
Joyce W.’s cousin – Janet – liver cancer
Jaime Keith – breast cancer
Bruce’s friend, Lynn – probable cancer diagnosis
Amy Skaggs’ uncle – pancreatic cancer
Cathy Underwood Murray - cancer
Robin Milby – stomach cancer
Al – cancer has returned
Brad Allen – cancer/hospice
Mark Feduccia – lung cancer
Linda Skaggs - cancer

Other health issues:
Lisa Hiner; Opal Nolen; Marie Thompson, Clara Walsh - continuing health issues
D. Hawkins family
Jacquie –health issues
Melissa Pearman – MS
Kim Gehr’s mom, Lynda Barnes
Joe Enlow – multiple health issues
Hal Dobbs – COPD
Jacquie’s mom – surgery
Becky’s mom, Mrs. Hicks
Donald Davenport – recovering at home
Judy Stith’s sister – back surgery
Wendy Tyree – appendectomy 
Jerry Gaddie – heart valve surgery
Jacquie’s dad
Bruce’s cousin Peggy - surgery
Wayne Tyree – injured leg
Paisley Cardin – infant with heart issues
Vicki Enlow – broken knee
Katy Mayo – Covid
Judy’s great granddaughter Laney
Sara Marksbury – blood clots
Joyce Greenleaf – appendectomy on 5-9-22
Andy Williamson – heart issues
Amy, Marissa, Katy, Liz, Delaina
Etta – friend of Lisa & Bruce
Raymond Plouvier – injuries from car accident

Gray family
Kinsler family
Hines family

• Church leadership, staff, Listening Team, church ministries
• Those who are homeless and/or hungry
• Local, state, and national leadership
• Edd and Charlotte
• All who need to invite Christ to live in their heart
• College students
• Broken lives to be open to salvation
• United Methodist Children’s Homes/Ministries
• Harrison Gehr – US Army
• Those not returning to church
• Unspoken requests
• Ben Hornback family in Belarus

Send online prayer requests to Sarah Hornback:

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