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We are rejoicing that we are beginning to come back together!  We are now offering Sunday School at 10 am for adults and children in their classrooms.  We are worshipping together at 11:00 am on Sundays in the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, and on Facebook. Even as we endure a difficult time, we invite you to be a part of what God is doing here at HUMC.  

As we come back together after this year of many iterations of worship, we ask you to complete the following survey to help us decide how to move forward. SURVEY

Prayer list

Please pray for the following individuals, families & situations

Prayer requests: 4-28-21

Charles Butler – cancer treatment
Al Akridge – cancer treatment
Helen Milby – multiple myeloma
Ranelle Rigney – breast cancer
Tate Miller – Diane’s nephew – leukemia
Tenley Ward – cancer
Adley Ward - leukemia & infection
Lana Landon – child with cancer
Larry Taylor – Joyce’s brother – cancer & abscess
Ardis Barth’s SIL, Helen – cancer
Mike Williams (friend of Mitch) – cancer
Laura’s daughter, Whitney – breast cancer trmt.
Joyce W.’s cousin – Janet – liver cancer
Lynn D’Angelo
Bruce’s friend Allison – cancer & pancreatitus
Clay Speakman – cancer treatment (Susan’s cousin)
Jaime Keith – breast cancer, surgery April 20

Other health issues:
Lisa Hiner; Lisa’s mom, Donna; Nancy Raine; Tracy Weaver; Joyce Walsh; Katrina; Opal Nolen; continuing health issues
Ken Dold (Bruce’s BIL) – home from rehab
Autumn Prewitt – child with multiple health issues
John Gray – back pain
D. Hawkins family
Jacquie –health issues
Melissa Pearman – MS
Harrison Gehr – health issues
Kim Gehr’s mom, Lynda Barnes
Jody’s friend who needs a liver transplant
Marie Thompson – home!
Joe Enlow – multiple health issues
Stuart Fynboe – friend of Don L. – improving from complications from Covid
Levi & Lainey Chisholm (two year old twins recovering from accident)
Janet Bradley – benign tumor on liver
Don Stith – recovering from heart surgery
Sharon Bertram – severe vertigo, testing
Sara Phelps – thyroid issues
Dolly Marcum – transition to long term care
Carol Thomas – thyroidectomy/shingles
Don Locy – recovery from surgery
Bruce’s sister’s friend – Mary – hospital
Susan Hornback – liver problems
Andrea’s friend, Emily – donating a kidney
Donnita – double pneumonia
Scarlett’s dog, Doug – eye surgery
Jeep & Shirley Kahle – car accident
Jordan Zoeller – recovery from surgery
Danita Riggs – HMH
Alice Riggs – upcoming heart stint
Emily D. - concussion

Osborn family
Compton family

• Church leadership, staff, Listening Team, church ministries
• United Methodist churches facing change and choices
• Those who are homeless and/or hungry
• Continued care and support for each other
• Local, state, and national leadership
• People living alone
• Edd and Charlotte
• Nursing home residents with limited visitation
• Those whose calling is law enforcement & public safety & those feeling great injustice at the hands of law enforcement
• All those working to bring us worship services during the pandemic
• All who need to invite Christ to live in their heart
• Professional musicians who can’t work during Covid
• Jubal Academy (Jacquie & Kinley’s school) – difficult during pandemic
• Deanna & Justin Gaddie – baby in May 2021
• Political healing
• Bruce’s daughter-in-law Nancy and her fellow Health Department workers, and Jay Fulton, a friend of hers who is a chaplain at UK hospital.
• Bruce’s granddaughter, Megan & parents Scott & Nancy – best treatments & for calm and peace
• College students
• Terry Tillotson – new job
• Bruce’s sister’s neighbors – Lee & Wanda Fitch, house fire
• Broken lives to be open to salvation
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